Building your Own Project

Building your Own Project#

Traditionally, building new projects that utilize Isaac Lab’s features required creating your own extensions within the Isaac Lab repository. However, this approach can obscure project visibility and complicate updates from one version of Isaac Lab to another. To circumvent these challenges, we now provide a pre-configured and customizable extension template for creating projects in an isolated environment.

This template serves three distinct use cases:

  • Project Template: Provides essential access to Isaac Sim and Isaac Lab’s features, making it ideal for projects that require a standalone environment.

  • Python Package: Facilitates integration with Isaac Sim’s native or virtual Python environment, allowing for the creation of Python packages that can be shared and reused across multiple projects.

  • Omniverse Extension: Supports direct integration into Omniverse extension workflow.


We recommend using the extension template for new projects, as it provides a more streamlined and efficient workflow. Additionally it ensures that your project remains up-to-date with the latest features and improvements in Isaac Lab.

To get started, please follow the instructions in the extension template repository.